Some rooms feel that no matter what you do it feels like a dark and uninviting space. However there are some tips and tricks you can use to make even the darkest room your favourite in your house.

1. Painting the ceiling a light colour will lift the ceilings and make the room feel lighter and the ceiling higher.

2. Your interior decor can affect the light in a room. By adding reflective surfaces such as gold frames, glass table tops, brass door handles, silver candlestick holders, copper lightshades, they will all reflect light in the room and create an illusion of the room having more light than it actually does.

3. Light colour soft fusrnidhings such as cream throws or yellow or white cushions can help make a room feel brighter.

4. Large mirrors on walls opposite windows can brighten a room by reflected the natural daylight from the window.

5. Placing two mirrors on walls directly opposite each other will create a feeling of infinity and make the room feel brighter.

6. If your room is beside another room with more light, change the doors to glass doors (such as French doors which consist of glass panels instead of wood panels) to get more natural daylight in the room.

7. If your dark area is the hallway, instead of hanging pictures along the walls up the stairs, try hanging antique or different mirrors up the stairs. They’ll be a unique feature and will brighten up the entire hallway by reflecting light from any windows and from upstairs.

8. Heavy and dark coloured curtains will absorb the light coming into the room and make it feel much darker. Replace them with lighter coloured curtains made of lighter fabrics to allow more light into the room and make the room feel much brighter.

9. If you have dark floors or carpets, you can lift them by painting the floor a lighter colour or using light coloured rugs or carpet.

10. The general rule most people follow when trying to make a dark room feel brighter is to paint it a light colour like white or cream, however this can still make the room feel dark and full of shadows. Embracing the darkness of the room by painting is a deep colour like charcoal, olive green or teal can make it more cosy, and painting features such as the dado rail and skirting board a light colour like white or cream. Using the tips above will make it feel even brighter.

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