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Top 12 questions to ask when you are selling your home

So the time has come for you to sell your family home. You never thought this day would come when decades ago you found that home where you invested your dreams and your choices of everything from furniture to the colour of the kitchen walls, the style of the bathroom tiles. Not to mention those […]

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Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your House

What questions should you ask a real estate agent? When you’re hiring a real estate agent, it’s best not to go with the first person you talk to. You need to find an estate agent who will put you first and make you feel like you are their more important client. Here are some questions […]

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Tips to Make a Dark Room Brighter

Some rooms feel that no matter what you do it feels like a dark and uninviting space. However there are some tips and tricks you can use to make even the darkest room your favourite in your house. 1. Painting the ceiling a light colour will lift the ceilings and make the room feel lighter […]

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How To Choose the Right Real Estate Agent for You?

After deciding to sell your property, the next big decision you will have to make is choosing the right real estate agent. Many sellers don’t do any research when finding the right estate agent to sell their property and often settle for the first one that they meet. We have found that many of our […]

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Tips to Smarten Up Your Home for Sale

These are quick and easy tips on how to smarten up your house for sale, for both the inside and outside. 1. Make it appealing from the outside. When some people first find a property online, they can drive by the house to see what it looks like and the area that it’s in. There […]

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Tips to Declutter Your House

One of the best things you can do to help sell your house (and to help yourself when moving) is to clear out clutter. We’re not talking about just shoving it in various drawers and boxes but actually binning it! This is what we suggest you do. 1. Start in one place and set a […]

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How to Stage Your House for Sale

(Part 1) First impressions matter when it comes to viewing a house. Staging your home is when you highlight the positives about your house and downplay the negatives to make it more appealing to your prospective buyers when they come to view it. This shouldn’t cost a lot of money (but you can of course, […]

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Why Marketing Your House Is Important When You Put It Up For Sale

Marketing is the most important factor when you are selling your home. It can be a considerable expense but by having a strong marketing strategy for selling your home, you will increase the interest which can result in a higher offer for your property. 1. Photos are possibly the most important aspect when it comes […]

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